learning from the pros

For a while now I’ve been wanting to go to a cooking class and one day I randomly decided to look into the course offerings from Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE). This place is pretty awesome and they have all sorts of fun classes. I had previously taken a photography class there and I definitely see more BCAE classes in my future. Aside from satisfying my own interests, it also made for a fun date night.

coupon gf
If there’s one thing you get out of reading this is to always google for promotional codes when buying online. I can’t tell you how many times I was able to get 10-30% off my purchase or even free shipping {I’ll take it!}. This particular savings adventure came in multiple layers. It started when I found a Gilt deal for $100 for a $200 voucher for BCAE classes {oh snap!}. this. is. perfect. I jumped on that like white on rice. Now that I’m at the Gilt checkout ready to buy my voucher, it asked me for a promotional code … hmmm, I don’t have one but I’m sure my friend google does. Guess what? I found a code for 20% off on a Gilt purchase. Did I just get a savings on top of my savings? At this point I’m cheesing so hard I’m sure you can see all of my wisdom teeth. My $100 purchase has just gone down to $86 (including some fees). The $174 class only cost me $86, a 51% discount and I still have a $26 left in my voucher. They {namely, Dave} don’t call me coupon gf for nothing!


i fiend. that’s what I do…
I may have kinda-sorta bought a few things with my tastearoo kangaroo, specifically an apron {and a mug!}. Aren’t you fiending just a little bit Bermary? nope. I’m having fun with this and it makes me happy [#thatswhatido #ifiend #blogobsessed]. The course description said to bring an apron and that’s what I did.


not your typical bootcamp
The Basic Cooking Bootcamp was a three hour long class on a Saturday afternoon where we cooked four recipes (that even included a glass of wine!). Our instructors were Katie and Richard from The Skinny Beet. They were pretty awesome and explained that the class would emphasize more on cooking techniques than a step by step of the recipes. Some of the major take-aways from the class included the proper way to hold a chef’s knife, how to dice an onion and cube a carrot, why it’s good  to use kosher salt and a searing and baking technique in cooking meat.

let’s eat.
The four recipes we made were:
1. roasted tomato, herb, and goat cheese frittata

2. mediterranean eggplant and carrot salad {my favorite!}

3. spice-crusted chicken

4. mango fool

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