why are there avocados in your waffles?

egg waffle… it’s an egg waffle!
Can’t decide between an omelet or a waffle? try adding your omelet mixture to your waffle iron! One day I randomly thought about what would happen if I added eggs into my waffle maker. At first I thought I will probably just make a huge mess, then I thought, if it does cook it probably won’t rise so it’ll just be half of a waffle and then I thought ‘stop thinking about and just do it!’ {fine. you don’t have to be so mean about it}. So I did and I must say it came out pretty good both esthetically and in my tummy!

I know it looks like it was made with some sort of flour but trust me it’s 100% eggs!

2 eggs
½ cup egg whites
⅛ cup unsweetened almond milk
 ⅓ tsp of butter extract
¼ tsp of salt
½ tsp baking powder

Mix all ingredients together. Take note that the baking powder will turn into little balls and not want mix in but just keep stirring using a whisk. Add mixture to the waffle iron for about 10 minutes or until done and serve with anything you like; I added avocado, tomato salsa, and toasted pita bread.

bermy gets crafty in the kitchen
psssh, and I thought it wasn’t going to rise! that thing rose the lid right off. The ingredients I noted actually yielded me enough for 1½ waffles so you can probably do with a bit more or less eggs (or egg whites) depending if you wanted to make just one or two. When I was stirring up the eggs I was thinking of adding more things to the egg mixture but since I wasn’t even sure if it would work I kept it simple. Now I’m thinking about all the things I would add like seasoning, kielbasa pieces, cheese, veggies… I guess just about anything you would put in an omelet. If you try this, let me know how it goes!
making egg waffle

2 thoughts on “why are there avocados in your waffles?

  1. I changed up the recipe and it was still delicious! I used one egg and 12 tablespoons of 100% liquid egg whites. I then added 1/8 cup almond milk, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon. I also added a pinch of salt and pepper.

    I would recommend keeping the waffle iron on the lowest possible setting. With the above changes I made 2 waffles, each taking only 3-4 minutes to cook. I drizzled one tablespoon of almond butter on top and then devoured! :)

    • my waffle iron doesn’t have any settings … it’s either on or off hahah but I’m glad you liked it, thanks for trying the recipe… the almond butter on top is a nice touch, will have to consider that next time I make these :)

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