griddle mcnizzle

I’m in the market for a griddle. I’m a huge fiend when it comes to kitchen appliances; blender, food processor, waffle maker, sandwich press, crock pot, spiralizer… I want them all! The only thing stopping me from getting everything I really want (you know, things you don’t really need like an ice cream maker and a mixer) is that I don’t like having them sit on the counter top unless it’s used on a daily basis like the microwave and the toaster. This means that they all have to go inside the cupboards while they are not being used but I’m running out of space to store them {I need a bigger kitchen!}.

buying online is where it’s at
There are certain things that I don’t like buying online but things like electronics and small appliances, getting them online is the way to go. However, as an online consumer you better do your research! If you get something you don’t like it’s a pain to have to return it and you’ll probably have to pay for the shipping. The research is a laborious process (at least for me) – partly because I look into everything (consumer reports, customer reviews, price of in store vs online, etc.) and partly because I’m so indecisive! This is why Dave makes all the executive decisions (but I get to amend them!).

decisions decisions
So these are the different factors in buying a griddle:
» electric or stove top? my stove has double-wide center burner that would be great with a stove top griddle (I’ve never used that damn thing)
» smooth or grill marks? the main reason for getting it is to make yummy pancakes (multiple at the same time) but grill marks sounds good too {for yummy steaks!}!
» one sided or reversible? they come with both smooth AND grill marks? I want both! Reversible it is.
» cast iron or aluminum? cast iron is so heavy and although it’s more durable I think I want aluminum because it’s light and has a true non-stick surface

Now that I’ve decided on an overall direction I still need to look at my options and make a decision. Ultimately, I decided on the Chef’s Design Double Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle and I got it from Amazon [#iloveamazon #twodayshippingftw]; I paid $55 for it. I bought this a few weeks back and I’ve had the chance to use it a few times. One thing to note is not to use stainless steel kitchen utensils with it cause apparently it will scratch the non-stick coating {#whoknew #learnedthehardway].

let’s make pancakes!
I’m already loving this purchase; I made enough batter for exactly 8 pancakes and they were all done at same time [#sixsigmaoperations #efficientcooking].
lets make pancakes

The pancakes were made with oat flour and I added chocolate protein powder and chopped walnuts. I added my pumpkin butter between each pancake with some sugar-free maple syrup and topped it off with some blackberries. yums!
pumpkin pancake

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