pomegranate oat bar

pomegranate oat bardelicious pom poms
Pomegranates are now in season so you’ve probably seen them in your local grocery store. They can be used in just about everything; cooking, baking, smoothies and even in alcoholic beverages (like martinis!). A couple of weeks ago I made jelly using the juice from the pomegranate fruit. Although I had some issues getting my jelly to “jellify” I was determined to make something with it. Dave helped me make these. Initially I was indifferent about how they came out but after a night in the fridge they somehow transformed into a delicious, nutty, addictive treat. Although Dave preferred them fresh out of the oven I thought they were better cold. Try this recipe and let me know how you like them.
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cranberry apple quinoa bites

cranberry apple quinoa bites versatility is the name of the game
I’ve started to really love quinoa, it’s just so versatile. I may be behind the curve here but I just recently had breakfast quinoa for the first time and it was so delicious. It’s basically eating it like oatmeal; add milk, protein powder (I always add protein powder to my oatmeal) and any other fixings you want and microwave it for a few minutes. There’s also so many other things you can do with it; have it on the side, add it to your salad, make quinoa patties, or even have it for breakfast… and that’s exactly what I did!
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chunky caramel apple quest mini cup

chunky caramel apple quest mini cuphow do you like them apples?
Do you remember those pretzel buns that were popular over the summer, I wanted a pretzel bun burger so bad but I was training during that time and pretzel buns were definitely NOT on my plan. Well for some reason I was inspired to make something with a pretzel crust and since I haven’t made a quest recipe in a while I figured I would incorporate the two. This is the recipe I came up and it was delish. The quest bar already has a great apple flavor but I added chopped apples to make it extra chunky.
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dark chocolate protein pancake with strawberry jam

chocolate protein pancakenational pancake day?
When it comes to those delicious staple breakfast foods pancakes always fall to the bottom of my list. I like pancakes, I really do but if I had a choice I would prefer french toast instead, then perhaps some waffles and only then would I consider pancakes and that’s only if they didn’t have crepes. Well it looks like it’s their lucky day, no really… apparently January 23rd (yesterday) was Pancake Day {who comes up with this stuff?}. In the spirit of it I decided to bump it up the list and get fancy. I was inspired to make this little treat for Protein Pow’s Protein Pancake Day Competition and it was beyond delicious. Perhaps I should give them more of my attention but the better question is, when is french toast day?
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chocolate pancake bake w/ strawberry & banana

chocolate pancake bake no flipping required
I never knew this was something you can do until I saw a picture of it online and immediately was like “what is that? I want it!”. So into the kitchen to experiment I go. You may have noticed that lately I’ve been making a lot of recipes with chocolate, that’s mostly because I love adding protein powder to everything especially breakfast foods (waffle, pancakes, oatmeal, etc.) and I currently only have chocolate flavored protein left. But I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate anyways?
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