dark chocolate protein pancake with strawberry jam

chocolate protein pancakenational pancake day?
When it comes to those delicious staple breakfast foods pancakes always fall to the bottom of my list. I like pancakes, I really do but if I had a choice I would prefer french toast instead, then perhaps some waffles and only then would I consider pancakes and that’s only if they didn’t have crepes. Well it looks like it’s their lucky day, no really… apparently January 23rd (yesterday) was Pancake Day {who comes up with this stuff?}. In the spirit of it I decided to bump it up the list and get fancy. I was inspired to make this little treat for Protein Pow’s Protein Pancake Day Competition and it was beyond delicious. Perhaps I should give them more of my attention but the better question is, when is french toast day?

want a year supply worth of pancakes?!
Click here! Did you do it? Then what are you waiting for? ok, I might be lying but by clicking on the link you’ll give me a vote towards the competition AND that’s where you’ll also find the complete recipe including macro information. So feel free to click, click, click… and try not to click on anyone else’s pancake I already went through them all and apparently they are all made with like a stick of butter or something :).

let’s celebrate!
Another pancake? Between Wednesday’s post and this one I think I’m close to reaching my quota for the month. I actually made this pancake last week; as soon as I saw Anna’s post about the Protein Pancake Day Competition I knew I wanted to participate. I look for any excuse to get in the kitchen, especially if its breakfast foods. It was fun from start to finish; coming up with the flavor combination, making it, taking pictures of it and obviously eating it! Give these a try and go to that link if you haven’t already!
chocolate protein pancake stack 

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