Foodie Pen Pals: February 2014

The Lean Green Bean

This is my first time participating in the Foodie Pen Pals program hosted by The Lean Green Bean. A quick overview of the program entails signing up from a month to month basis, you get set up with someone else (can be another blogger or a reader), you exchange shipping information and any dietary restrictions and then you give and receive a nice box full of goodies! Click on the image above if you want more info. Now to get to the meat of the post, here is what I got from my foodie pen pal Kaycee from My Crafty Zoo. She has a great site where she does reviews, recipes, crafts, and giveaways… definitely swing by her site and check it out! In her note she mentioned that these were some of her favorite products but a lot of this stuff are MY favorite products… nut mix? dark chocolate? almond butter? yes please!
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super easy, super healthy hamburger pita pizza

hamburger pizza my pizza is eating my pizza
I had this for lunch yesterday and it was seriously delicious that I just had to share. I love pita bread and find any excuse to use it. The inspiration behind making this was I remembered having gone to California Pizza Kitchen a very long time ago and ordering a “hamburger pizza”. Well, this is my version of it, I used ground turkey instead of beef. You’ll notice that I didn’t add any measurements in my ingredients because it’s really up to you and how you want it. The same goes with how long its in the oven just eye-ball it and keep an eye on it… you can’t screw this up, promise.
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i have a 6 mile date with my running shoes

Week 3 Resultsthree down, nine to go
We are in the single digits! So far training hasn’t been so bad but with 75% of my training still left let’s not get too excited shall we. Last week I mentioned how I wanted to run outside well I did just that. I did my long run (6 miles) for the week outside along the Charles River in Boston, it was the perfect day for it. Although there was still a bit of snow and even some black ice the weather was amazing. I can’t wait for it to start getting nice out and as long as we don’t get any more snow storms I should be able to do my Saturday runs outside from now on. During the week it’s a little bit tough because of school and work but daylight savings time is in 2 weeks so we will start to have longer daylight yaaaay.

build a base

Week 3 is designed as the “build a base” week. I ran a total of 17.48 miles and my average pace was 9:25. My longest run this week was 6 miles… I see an 8 miler coming up this week *gulp*. Kenne got me a running hat from lululemon; it has a small slit in the back for your pony tail… I absolutely love it! As you can see Kenne was also my little paparazzi during our run :) . I feel like this was her sneaky way of immersing me into this sport and getting me to run outside. Well, I guess you can say it worked but! if I have to run outside so does she mwhahahah! My devious persona aside, it was definitely nice having a running partner; I wonder how many more times I can have her come with me before she brushes me off… these long runs are only gonna get longer waaaah!

Outside Run    pony tail

wonton breakfast delight

wonton breafkast delightbreakfast in a cup
I bought wonton wrappers a few weeks ago to make crab rangoon. If you follow me on instagram (if you don’t, you should!) then you probably saw them but I didn’t use all the wonton wrappers. I saw a few online sources that use them to make small cups. So I did just that but added eggs to make a yummy breakfast. There is a little bit of coordination needed since you’ll have a few different things cooking. The final product is basically the assembly of all of its parts. It was pretty darn delicious, so no regrets here.
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homemade granola: honey, nuts, and zante currants

homemade granolaoatty nutty goodness
This was my very first time making granola and I absolutely loved the way it came out. I’m so excited about this recipe that I can’t wait to make more and experiment with different fixings and flavors. This is such a great DIY recipe; mixing up the ingredients is the easy and fun part but it will need some of your love and attention while it’s in the oven (further explained below). Use this as a basic recipe but feel free to add and/or replace the different fixings. I purposely noted the fixings separately so that you can add or remove ingredients as you see fit; any kind of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and/or candy and chocolate pieces are all fair game (just make sure to add fruit and candy pieces at the very end) … the possibility are endless!
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