i have a 6 mile date with my running shoes

Week 3 Resultsthree down, nine to go
We are in the single digits! So far training hasn’t been so bad but with 75% of my training still left let’s not get too excited shall we. Last week I mentioned how I wanted to run outside well I did just that. I did my long run (6 miles) for the week outside along the Charles River in Boston, it was the perfect day for it. Although there was still a bit of snow and even some black ice the weather was amazing. I can’t wait for it to start getting nice out and as long as we don’t get any more snow storms I should be able to do my Saturday runs outside from now on. During the week it’s a little bit tough because of school and work but daylight savings time is in 2 weeks so we will start to have longer daylight yaaaay.

build a base

Week 3 is designed as the “build a base” week. I ran a total of 17.48 miles and my average pace was 9:25. My longest run this week was 6 miles… I see an 8 miler coming up this week *gulp*. Kenne got me a running hat from lululemon; it has a small slit in the back for your pony tail… I absolutely love it! As you can see Kenne was also my little paparazzi during our run :) . I feel like this was her sneaky way of immersing me into this sport and getting me to run outside. Well, I guess you can say it worked but! if I have to run outside so does she mwhahahah! My devious persona aside, it was definitely nice having a running partner; I wonder how many more times I can have her come with me before she brushes me off… these long runs are only gonna get longer waaaah!

Outside Run    pony tail

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