when expectations leads to disappointment

xraythe higher the climb, the harder the fall
With seven weeks to go it’s not looking good. Last week I mentioned how I wasn’t able to complete my long run due to a pain in my foot. I went to my doctor and after getting an x-ray which came out normal I was told to not run, get properly fitting shoes and drink Advil 3 times a day. I did just as I was told, I even iced it to the suggestion of a few people but every time I attempted to put on my shoes, it would hurt. After getting new awesome shoes to ensure the right fit and after abstaining from running the entire week I wanted to give it another chance; on Sunday I ran one measly mile and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t… it was uncomfortable, it was painful, it was pathetic. This week has been rough in so many ways; I’m sad, I’m angry, and I’m disappointed because I may have to abandon this whole thing. I’m trying to be optimistic but there hasn’t been much improvement and with only seven weeks left I don’t know how much longer I can delay my training.

getting the right fit
One of the things my doctor mentioned was to consider getting good running shoes to give me proper support. Up to this point I’ve been running with my Nike Frees and I’ve been wanting to get good running shoes but I’ve been to lazy to do it. I decided to go ahead and invest in good running shoes. I wanted to go somewhere that would be able to advice me and fit me with the proper shoes. I came across Marathon Sports which was literally about 15 mins away from my house and from their website they would help me get the “right fit”. Let me tell you that I was more than happy with my decision to go there. The girl who helped me (I wish I knew her name) was amazing and extremely helpful. She had me walk up and down the store to get a feel for my foot strike (it’s neutral). She then measured my size which measured at size 6 and then handed me a size 7 shoe. She handed me three different types of shoes and had me run on their treadmill. I ultimately went with the Saucony Ride 6 Edition in neon yellow and pink… I love them! They are light, comfortable and awesome and I have no idea if I’ll be able to use them.
saucony running shoe


Multi-layer French Toast Bake: Naughty or Nice?

Welcome D.A.T. Chef!
Hello everyone! So, exciting changes on tastearoo! I’ve partnered up with a college friend to provide you guys with a little diversity in recipe ideas. I’m super excited about this, Clarel aka D.A.T. Chef will be posting his own creations on tastearoo, so you can expect something from him twice a month. This is his first recipe post and doesn’t it look amazing? I’m definitely trying this! Ok, Take it away…

Layered French ToastMorning or Anytime Snack
I am a breakfast-and-anytime-snack type of guy which led me to dream (yes, I dream about food and recipes from time to time, that’s what real foodies do) about this multi-layer french toast recipe. In my dream there were three things that kept going through my head; breakfast, snack, and lasagna (which I interpreted as something with different layers of flavors). After writing down the recipe I had dreamt about, I challenged myself to come up with a healthier alternative that’s just as flavorful. This led to the “no carb” version of this multi-layer french toast recipe. So with that said I’m sharing my delicious dreams with you and hope that you will enjoy it.
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easy crock pot oatmeal: apple cinnamon

crockpot oatmeal overnight oats?
This week I decided to try making oatmeal in the crock pot and I’m so glad I did. This week has been a bit tough, currently dealing with a few personal matters so having oatmeal already cooked has made breakfast these last couple of days a breeze. I set the crock pot right before going to sleep and it was nicely cooked by the time I woke up… I guess you can call it overnight oats? ;) If you are feeding a family you’ll have to add some milk to moisten it up since the cooking process will soak up a lot of the liquid. If you’re making it for the week (which is what I did), it will keep in the fridge pretty nicely, again it will be dry up so you’ll need to add milk and water when reheating. Make sure to add other fixings as well (nuts, seeds, dried fruit… peanut butter!)
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gluten free thumbprint cookies

thumbprints cookieslet’s call it a comeback
The recipe for these little guys has just 6 ingredients and since it uses almond flour it’s gluten-free. Almond flour is my flour of choice for low carb baking. Coconut flour is also another good option but I always have trouble getting the right mixture of ingredients so it’s not too dense or flaky. Another great thing about both of these flours is that it’s also gluten-free! The first time I tried making these I used a homemade pomegranate “jelly” but it pretty much all melted into a big mess so I guess you call this my comeback.
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caution: injured runner. may bite!

Week 4 Resultsfour down, eight to go
This past week was a bit tough. On Sunday I decided to workout my legs and my goodness I was sore practically the entire week. I want to continue to strength train while I train for this half marathon but I may need to slow down on leg days, being sore doesn’t make running any easier. I’m still able to get through the runs but its a bit uncomfortable. So that was the least of my problems this week, I was experiencing an uncomfortable and sometimes sharp pain above my big toe of my right foot during my runs. It is a bit uncomfortable at first but gets progressively painful. The pain is along the tendon of the big toe and is sensitive to the touch but doesn’t really hurt unless I wear my sneakers. Kenne mentioned the possibility of it being a “hot spot”, she directed me to an article from Runner’s World on changing your shoe lace to help it heal. I tried doing this but I don’t think that’s the source of my problem especially since I think the “hot spot” is in reference to the start of a blister. Dave suggested it could be from a bunion so I got a bunion splint but I don’t know how much that’s helping either.

This was my lame attempt at lacing my shoes to help it, I later found out that where it actually hurts is further down my foot, not the top of the foot like I first thought. Short of taking a picture of my own feet (which I’m sure no one wants to see) I found this picture that pin points just about where the pain is coming from. Ugh! I don’t know what to do!!
pain spot     shoe lacing
Image Source: Yoga International

build strength
Week 4 is designed as the “build strength” week. I ran a total of 20.75 miles and my average pace was 9:03. My longest run this week was 5.46 miles. As you can I see I wasn’t able to complete the 8 miles that was supposed to be my long run; this was due to the pain on my foot. I wasn’t able to run on Saturday but instead tried my luck on Sunday to make up for it. I tried to run as much as I could but around the 5 mile mark I was practically limping, “this is ridiculous” I thought and figured I would be better of not making it worse. So now I have no idea what to do next, continue to train and hope it gets better? should I give it a few days and see what happens? get evaluated by my doctor? I’ll figure it out this week but so much for building strength…