a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye

Week9Resultsnine down, three to go
If you are keeping up with my weekly training posts you’ll notice I’m not doing too good on following the plan. This past week I only ran 3 times and only got about half of the total mileage for the week. It is what it is. Apparently it’s “busy season” at work. damn it.

increase intensity
Week 9 is designed as the “increase intensity” week. I ran a total of 17.93 miles and my average pace was 9:41. My longest run this week was 9.5 miles. Running long distances wears me out, I need to schedule a nap after my long run or I feel like a zombie the entire day but the last few Saturdays I’ve had things to do that doesn’t allow me to nap… ugh. The fun part has been choosing where to go run This past week and the one before that I’ve intentionally picked ones near the coast, it gives me a nice view and it keeps me cool. Who knew that running could take me to all these awesome places :). I guess the only problem is that I make frequent stops for pictures lol oops. But seriously though… I do it for the pictures.

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