catch me if you can

peak week
This past week I ran twice. I’m obviously not keeping up with the training program but Kenne said that if I’m able to keep up with the long runs I should be fine and so far I am so, I’m gonna take her word for it. I did five miles on Saturday (9:09 pace) and 12 miles on Sunday (10:09 pace). That’s the most I’ve ever ran and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. There’s a nice sweet spot, usually after mile 4 where I get in the zone and just run, and run and I don’t need to stop. This time I made just one stop because I saw this beautiful lake view and I just had to take a picture, I had to. I mean how else would I have documented my run if not with a nature picture? :) After that I pretty much ran the rest of the way which hands down is the longest I’ve ran without stopping but it felt really good. I would love to be able to say that I ran my first half marathon non-stop but it’s better not to set any expectations especially since it’ll be hard to control my twitchy fingers with my camera. I’m such a sucker for pictures. ugh.

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