saint eggs: a less sinner version of deviled eggs

In the spirit of Easter, I was inspired to create what I call “Saint Eggs” which is less sinner version of Deviled Eggs. The holiness behind these Saint Eggs are due to the fact that NO mayonnaise is used in this recipe. In fact, instead of using mayonnaise I substituted it with cauliflower purée. Then the Saint Eggs were topped off with a few drops of the halo goodness white truffle oil.

SaintEggs     SaintEggs2

8 Large White Eggs
2 strips of (turkey or pork) bacon
4 slices of Reduced Fat Sargento Pepper Jack Cheese
2 slices of Reduced Fat Sargento Colby-Jack Cheese
1 bag of frozen Cauliflower
1/2 cup of chicken broth
3 tsp of Cajun
2 tsp of Pepper Flakes
2 tsp of Paprika
Black Pepper/Salt
White truffle oil
Fresh Dill

1)    Boil 8 large eggs
2)    Separate the hard yolk from the egg whites in two separate bowls
3)    Cook the bacon until they are hard and crunch-able
4)    Pour in the bag of cauliflower in a pot and then pour in about 1/3 of the chicken broth. Steam the cauliflower until they are tender (Add salt if needed).
5)    Add the cook cauliflowers into a blender along with 4 slices of peppercorn cheese and 2 slice of Colby cheese. Pour in some more of the chicken broth and then add in the seasoning.
6)    Blend until it is nicely purée and taste to see if it need more seasoning
7)    Add in the egg yolks into the cauliflower purée and whip until it is nice and smooth
8)    Pipe the cauliflower egg yolk filling into the egg whites
9)    Lastly, top the Saint Eggs with the chopped bacon, dill and truffle oil.

1)     Did not have a piping bag. For a piping bag, I cut a small corner of a plastic zip-lock bag. Then inserted the designing tip.
2)     Removing the yolk from the egg whites. I used a small teaspoon to scope out all of the hard yolk from the egg white.
3)     Not eating all of the bacon that I needed for the topping. I simply couldn’t resist. I love BACON!

2 thoughts on “saint eggs: a less sinner version of deviled eggs

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