ready or not, here I come

taper week
And by taper, do you mean drastically? In that case we are doing just fine… just kidding… well maybe. I can’t believe it’s race week already, I’ve seriously surprised myself through this entire process. I was intimated at first but it’s amazing the things you can accomplish with a little bit of determination, some motivation, a whole lot of heart. I ran 5 miles this past week near where my parents live in NH. I knew that if I was going to run at all I needed to do it then so I packed a bag with my shoes and running clothes and went for a run while the fam chit-chatted after Easter dinner. The particular path I took had a lot of rolling hills which was good since I’ve had little exposure to it while training. The actual race path has a few of them although it’s relatively flat which is great for noobs like me :). My long runs have averaged about a 10 minute pace so that’s about where I’m hoping to be on race day. Unfortunately work has been kinda crazy lately so I haven’t been able to run as much as I’ll like and overall running in general has tapered considerably, not just this week but the last few weeks. However, having been on point with the training prior to this has given me the confidence I needed. I’m not intimidated anymore, I got this… here I come.

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