chewy coco fleur cookies

chewy coco fleur cookies beware of falling coconuts
For some reason I was in the mood for something with coconut. The fact that I started to google “coconut cookies” probably didn’t help either. This my version of the coco fleur cookies. Usually they are crisp and crunchy but these are nice and chewy so if you prefer that this would be a good recipe to try. I didn’t add any protein to the recipe; I usually would add protein to my baked goods but in all honesty I just completely forgot, but I’m sure it would be good addition if its something you wanted to add.

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is it really a miracle? my thoughts on the Miracle Noodle

miracle noodle bowldon’t expect a miracle
Have you heard of these noodles? They are made of soluble plant fiber so they have no calories, no carbs, no protein, no fat… no nothing! For some reason there’s something about “no nothing” foods that creep me out. In fact, I have a couple of Walden Farms syrups that are also “no nothing” foods that also freaks me out. I keep thinking about what sorts of weird science has to happen in order to makes these things {hmmm… }. Ok, snap out of it! Let’s give them a try.

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mini protein chocolate cups with blackberry filling

chocolate cups with blackberrycupcakes make people happy
When I want something naughty I usually prefer to make it myself. This gives me an excuse to try different recipes and it gives me the satisfaction of knowing exactly what went into it. With this recipe I used oat flour, protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar-free blackberry jam. Although these little cups look naughty they are far from it; each are about 56 calories with 4g net carbs and 4g of protein each… with a 1:1 carb to protein ratio  you won’t feel guilty eating them!

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pineapple tomato salsa

pinapple tomato salsai can’t dance salsa but I love salsa
What do you do when you have a lot of tomatoes and you don’t want them to go bad? You start looking up any recipe to use them up, duh! The roomie had 3 containers of tomatoes and this was how I helped her get rid of some, I’m such a good friend. I love incorporating sweet flavors to foods and this is was no exception. The pineapples in this salsa was a nice addition.

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pineapple upside-down quest cake

pineapple upside down quest cakepineapple express
This came out a lot better than I expected, well I did make it twice. See, the reason for that was that I wanted to note down the ingredients so I could post it for you guys… or was that just an excuse to eat it again, I guess we will never know. The batter was nice and moist and the almonds from the quest bar gave it a nice crunch. In the center I added some sugar-free strawberry jam that I had but if you have maraschino cherries you can use that too. Seriously give this a try, it was super delicious.

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piña colada flooded oatmeal bake

pina colada flooded oatmeal bakeno booze necessary
Usually what I eat for breakfast doesn’t vary much but I do try to think of different ways to make the same things. I especially love oatmeal because it’s a nice base to incorporate just about any kind of flavors you may be in the mood for. I wouldn’t usually buy pineapple but my roommate had some in the fridge so I took just one little ring (she definitely noticed). But that’s all you need to make this delicious cocktail-inspired oatmeal bake.
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zucchini pasta for my low carb friends

zucchini pastaIn my post about buying a griddle I mentioned how much I like kitchen appliances and gadgets; the spiralizer is one of those. This one is really cool, it’s technically called a spiral vegetable slicer but spiralizer sounds better. You can do so many things with it, in fact, there’s an entire blog/website dedicated to it (Inspiralized is the site, check it out it has some great recipe ideas). Zucchini is definitely the “go-to” veggie but you can use it with potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and squash. It comes with 3 blades; one makes “ribbons” and the other two make noodles (for thin and thick noodles).

If you are looking for a low carb meal, this one is pretty yummy and low carb friendly. No real recipe here, I just used the spiralizer on a zucchini and heated up some store bought tomato and basil sauce and added ground turkey to make it meaty. This was super easy to make, it took about 5 minutes. The zucchini is not cooked but you can if you want, I prefer mines raw.

This is what the spiralizer looks like and you can get it from Amazon for about $20-30. What’s your favorite kitchen appliance and/or gadget?