my recipe gets featured

Quest Recipe of the Week Featuretired of the same old waffles?
One of the first few recipes I made and posted here was noticed by Quest Nutrition! Here is my original post and this is their post of the recipe. I’m beyond excited that they not only noticed but featured it!

I can’t wait to make more recipes with them!

chocolate chunk quest waffles

chocolate chunk quest wafflequest obsession
Once I discovered quest bars I was immediately obsessed. If you’ve never had them I suggest you give them a try. Not only are they pretty darn delicious on their own but once I discovered you can toast them… game. changer. If it’s not toasted – warm, crispy toasty in the outside and gooey in the inside then I don’t want it [#okimkidding #iwouldeatitanyways #gimmequestbaaaars ]. I decided to get a little frisky with my waffles this morning and added those bad boys to the mix…!

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