chocolate chip oat cookie bake

oatcookiebakei made you a cookie, but I ate it
Since I’ve started to travel for work I haven’t been in my kitchen much. My awesome routine where everything had it’s place and time including work, school, gym and keeping up with tastearoo got discombobulated. I’m still trying to figure out my new routine so please bare with me. On Fridays I’m home and today I felt like baking something. I made this little treat and it didn’t take long at all, I added some protein powder to compensate for the carbs from the oats and the chocolate chips but feel free to leave it out if you’ll like. Also, it was a good excuse to use my cast iron dish :)
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lemon poppy seed mug cake with strawberry glaze

lemon poppy seed mugcakelove is in the air
Or is that citrusy goodness? probably the latter. I’m actually not a huge fan of citrus flavors in desserts. I would instead prefer a dessert with chocolate, caramel, nuts, or even berries but for some reason lemon, lime, and orange flavors in desserts just don’t do it for me. Well comparatively speaking anyways, if citrus is my only option then my sweet tooth takes over and inhales it before I can even register it. Just kidding, I don’t inhale my food… well, sometimes. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I got a hot date planned with the boyfriend, this would be our 4th valentine’s day together :).
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chunky caramel apple quest mini cup

chunky caramel apple quest mini cuphow do you like them apples?
Do you remember those pretzel buns that were popular over the summer, I wanted a pretzel bun burger so bad but I was training during that time and pretzel buns were definitely NOT on my plan. Well for some reason I was inspired to make something with a pretzel crust and since I haven’t made a quest recipe in a while I figured I would incorporate the two. This is the recipe I came up and it was delish. The quest bar already has a great apple flavor but I added chopped apples to make it extra chunky.
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chocolate pb swirled protein bar

chocolate pb protein barbro, do you even protein bar?
The only kind of protein bars I like are Quest Bars and the ones I make {obviously}. I haven’t made protein bars in a while but this time I was inspired {fyi, these won’t crumble :) }.
These are the five reasons why you should try this recipe:
– its protein packed
– it’s easy to make
– it has chocolate
– it has peanut butter
– and it’s delicious, trust me.

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