D.A.T. Chef!

datchefHey! I’m Clarel and I’m D.A.T. Chef. I was born and raised in the urban part of Boston, MA. Currently, I am a Senior Accountant at MIT (unfortunately, I was not smart enough to obtain a degree from MIT) and I am also a Treasurer of a non-profit organization called Ches, Inc. (Christian Haitian Entrepreneurial Society, Inc.).

Just like Bermary, I am also a foodie and I have a passion for cooking. Cooking allows me to do something that I cannot do at my full-time job as an Accountant which is to be creative. I like the process of creating something out of nothing (consider me a Chop contestant in training).

After knowing Bermary throughout our years in college and learning that she is a self-proclaimed foodie like myself, I decided to reach out to her and join as a contributor on this incredible blog to share some of my own creations (she agreed, YAY!).

Please keep in mind that I have NO CULINARY background and this is all self-taught well, stuff I picked up from watching my mother cook and endless episodes of cooking shows from the FOOD Network.

So this means two things:
1. The things I cook are simple enough that anyone can make
2. The things I cook can be modified based on your personal taste or health goals

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