I’ve always tried to incorporate fitness into my life. During my high school years I did sports (mostly tennis and swimming {I was never any good though}). In college, I tried to go to the gym and went to the weekly kickboxing classes. I love group classes, especially spin and boot camp, those are my favorite. After graduating my commitment to the gym was on and off depending on what was going on in my life but I always enjoyed being active in other ways (rock climbing, kayaking, biking, etc.) Now I find it a little easier to make it part of my routine. My amazing-healthy-low-carb-loving-gym-goer boyfriend makes it that much easier; Saturdays are our weekly gym date. We also like to incorporate active activities to our date nights, they make the best date nights!

After deciding to train for a bikini competition I developed a greater appreciation for the sport of body building. The weight room was previously never part of my gym routine and I know so much more {although, I’m no expert!} about strength training. Regardless of how I choose to incorporate fitness it will always be part of my life.

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