Half Marathon Training

can you do anything in 12 weeks?
When I decided to register for a half marathon it was partly on a whim and partly calculated. I realize it’s an oxymoron but let me explain… when my very good friend Arlenis registered for Nike Women’s Half Marathon in D.C. I quickly looked up a typical training plan and on a whim decided to do it. However, having just finished training for a bikini competition I was already running about 20 miles a week so it didn’t seem that far-fetched.

In my initial post I somewhat jokingly said that you can do anything in 12 weeks partly because I was already familiar with the concept that it takes 12 weeks to train for a bikini competition. Well, it looks like there’s something special about doing something for 12 weeks:
Image Source: NumbQueen

The half marathon was on Sunday, April 27, 2014. I can now confidently say that you CAN do anything in 12 weeks (even with a few hurdles).

12 week training plan for noobs
I used the Nike+ Running app to set up the training plan using the Nike+ Coach; I selected the half marathon as the distance and beginner as the level. This provided me with a 12 week plan that includes run workouts, cross-training, and recovery days. The application leverages Nike’s knowledge and insights from top runners to establish their programs. Here are my weekly updates:
Week 1 – Warm Up
Week 2 – Fundamentals
Week 3 – Build A Base
Week 4 – Build Strength
Week 5 – Build Endurance
Week 6 – Speed Sharpening
Week 7 – Test Your Limits
Week 8 – Maintain Fitness
Week 9 – Increase Intensity
Week 10 – Peak Week
Week 11 – Taper Week
Week 12 – Race Week

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