My Transformation Story

Transformation? But Bermary you’ve always been skinny. Well, being “skinny” is relative; I would say I’ve always been average, never excessively overweight but not too skinny. I wasn’t looking to be skinny, I wanted something better, I wanted to be fit and healthy. This transformation story will cover the events of the past year (2013). This is my story; let’s start from the beginning…

the traveling consultant
I’ve been working as a consultant for my entire {short} career, a little over 6 years to be exact. I haven’t always had to travel but I got stuck on a very lengthy engagement that required me to travel every. single. week. Traveling is fun but boy can it get old quick. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is one of my passions {I want to see the world!}; I probably know a little bit too much about airport security, taxi etiquette and hotel points. Traveling for work meant that {all} my meals were covered. Yes, covered [#free #iaintpaying #weeatingsteaktonight]. Oh and those delicious caramel covered apples from the airport, the box of fresh baked cookies from the hotel, and the homemade coconut pie from the nearby shop… you bet I was getting in on that, even if just a little taste?

Needless to say my bad eating habits were catching up to me.

my big break
The day I didn’t need to travel for work was very surreal. It was abrupt and unexpected, but on that day I was able to breathe again {for more than one reason}. No, I didn’t get laid off or fired, in fact I’m still a {now, a non-traveling} consultant working for the same company. Let’s just say our client was not in need of our services any more [#mybigbreak #whatsnext #putmeonalocalprojectpleaseeee]. Thankfully, my next project was local which meant that my new commute to work was about a 20 minute drive and a lot less stressful.

new routines
My last flight home was on January 10th and on January 14th I committed myself to the gym and clean eating. I was that girl that loved group classes… spin class? sign me up! 6am bootcamp? I’m there. But this time I was looking for something different. I came across Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer; this is an entire 12 week program laid out for you and it was free. Yep, free [#ilovefreestuff #freeisthenewblack #gimmegimme] from the site. I loved this new routine; the plan, the structure. I followed this plan to it’s entirety and made a lot of progress. When I was done {twiddle my thumbs} I was like, what’s next? Well, I decided to follow another fitness plan, this time I said YOLO I can afford to pay for a program and ultimately decided on Ashley Horner’s Magnify You. On this plan, I made little progress; I never finished that plan but decided to do something different.

let’s kick it up a notch
When I decided to make a change I remember looking at tons of pictures of other people’s transformations and it motivated me. There was one kind of transformation story however that was frequently appearing and those were the ones related to fitness competitions, specifically in the bikini division. I was intrigued; I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the “before” pictures I could relate to because they weren’t that far off from where I was currently. So, in my mind I said {logically, of course}, “if they did it, why can’t I?”. And that’s when I decided to train for a bikini competition.

one for the books
Doing a prep for a bikini competition was tough and I knew nothing about anything. I spent hours on the internet looking up different topics about getting a coach, details regarding fitness/nutrition plans, buying a bikini, posing practice, etc {ahhhhhhh}. My poor little boyfriend absorbed a lot of my frustrations while I ranted and raved about all kinds of things but he continued to support and motivate me the entire time. Since not many people knew I was doing this his support meant the world to me. I can go on and on about this and there’s probably at least a few blogs I can write about this topic alone but needless to say I did it. I trained for 18 weeks (although on average you would only prep for 12 weeks), and just like that after 18 weeks of sweat, blood, and tears it’s over. One day. just one day to show off your pretty little body in that cute little bikini. Well then, what now?

the new me
Now I have to remember why I decided to make these changes. Let’s go back to January… ah, that’s right, I was traveling constantly and wanted a change and man, what a change it was. I have a new found appreciation for the sport of body building, I can {for the most part} navigate my way through a weight room, I’ve been introduced to new {healthy} foods and I can now say “remember that time I did a bikini competition?” [#whatwasIthinking #igotthepicturestoproveit #itoldyouicould]. After being on a restrictive nutrition plan for months and with this new accomplishment behind me I’m free to explore my inner “foodie” and work through what I’ve referred to as my backlog of recipes {Jessie we need to cook! #breakingbadreference}. I’m excited for new experiences and adventures, this is the new me.

pictures and measurements
You may already know that I’m a big data nerd; I kept track of everything throughout this entire process. The following pictures and measurements are for the following dates:

January 18th – The end of my first week back in the gym and incorporating healthy eating habits
June 23rd – Right before I started training for a bikini competition. Progress up to this point was completely on my own – a lot of online research and Dave answering a million of my questions!
October 28th – The final week of the bikini competition prep. This was done with the guidance of a trainer.

1/18/13 6/23/13 10/28/13
Weight 125 124.8 112
Body Fat ~ 26% * 22.5% * 13.9%
Chest 34.5 32.25 30.75
Waist 27 25.25 23.75
Hips 38 36 33.75
Thighs 22 21.75 19.75
Calves 12.75 13 12.5
“Love Handles” 32 29 27

* The body fat measurements were from BodPod testing. The 1/18 figure is an estimate and the 6/23 body fat measurement was actually done a month prior on 5/25.

2 thoughts on “My Transformation Story

  1. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through
    some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow,
    I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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