Foodie Pen Pals: February 2014

The Lean Green Bean

This is my first time participating in the Foodie Pen Pals program hosted by The Lean Green Bean. A quick overview of the program entails signing up from a month to month basis, you get set up with someone else (can be another blogger or a reader), you exchange shipping information and any dietary restrictions and then you give and receive a nice box full of goodies! Click on the image above if you want more info. Now to get to the meat of the post, here is what I got from my foodie pen pal Kaycee from My Crafty Zoo. She has a great site where she does reviews, recipes, crafts, and giveaways… definitely swing by her site and check it out! In her note she mentioned that these were some of her favorite products but a lot of this stuff are MY favorite products… nut mix? dark chocolate? almond butter? yes please!
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dark chocolate protein pancake with strawberry jam

chocolate protein pancakenational pancake day?
When it comes to those delicious staple breakfast foods pancakes always fall to the bottom of my list. I like pancakes, I really do but if I had a choice I would prefer french toast instead, then perhaps some waffles and only then would I consider pancakes and that’s only if they didn’t have crepes. Well it looks like it’s their lucky day, no really… apparently January 23rd (yesterday) was Pancake Day {who comes up with this stuff?}. In the spirit of it I decided to bump it up the list and get fancy. I was inspired to make this little treat for Protein Pow’s Protein Pancake Day Competition and it was beyond delicious. Perhaps I should give them more of my attention but the better question is, when is french toast day?
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chocolate pb swirled protein bar

chocolate pb protein barbro, do you even protein bar?
The only kind of protein bars I like are Quest Bars and the ones I make {obviously}. I haven’t made protein bars in a while but this time I was inspired {fyi, these won’t crumble :) }.
These are the five reasons why you should try this recipe:
– its protein packed
– it’s easy to make
– it has chocolate
– it has peanut butter
– and it’s delicious, trust me.

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mini protein chocolate cups with blackberry filling

chocolate cups with blackberrycupcakes make people happy
When I want something naughty I usually prefer to make it myself. This gives me an excuse to try different recipes and it gives me the satisfaction of knowing exactly what went into it. With this recipe I used oat flour, protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar-free blackberry jam. Although these little cups look naughty they are far from it; each are about 56 calories with 4g net carbs and 4g of protein each… with a 1:1 carb to protein ratio  you won’t feel guilty eating them!

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chocolate peanut butter trifle

chocolate peanut butter trifle layered things
[Forewarning] This is NOT a “clean” recipe. I’m sure you know that I just recently competed in my first bikini competition. The one thing you look forward to is being able to indulge in naughty foods post-competition. Therefore, I wanted to post the trifle I made just for this. I’m hesitant to call this a “recipe” since it’s really just a matter of layering a bunch of yummy things.

Trifles are by far one of my favorite desserts. In fact, I love any kind of layered dessert. There’s something about having a mouthful of deliciousness that incorporates different flavors and textures that I absolutely love!

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