peppermint s’more cups

peppermint smore cups s’mores are not just for camping
I’ve always associated s’mores with going camping but after going to a couple of events with s’mores inspired treats I may reconsider. I should really stay away from those three naughty ingredients but I decided to indulge instead because it is Christmas after all. I made these for the family get-together on Christmas eve and I got thumbs up all around. With just a few minor tweaks it can be an anytime treat, even if you’re not going camping {interestiiiing}. However, the peppermint marshmallow and crushed candy canes are a must for a truly festive treat.
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happiness is the smell of gingerbread baking in the oven

gingerbread oatmeal bakegingerbread oatmeal bake
This was my very first time making this and I thought it came out pretty good. In the spirit of the season I wanted to use gingerbread spice so I did quick search to see what that entailed. I had all the spices on hand so it made it pretty easy to make. You can even make a big batch and refrigerate the rest, just make sure to add some water or milk when reheating to keep it moist. I’m excited to try different variations of it, just like oatmeal almost anything would work.
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