baked sweet potato fries

sweet potato friesthe superior fries
Remember my obsession with sweet potatoes? Well this is just a continuation of that. I haven’t found a variation of sweet potatoes that I haven’t liked; baked, mashed, fried… as a side item, as part of the main dish, as a dessert… I’ll eat it all. When it comes to fries I would choose sweet potato fries over regular fries any day! They are just freaking delicious and super easy to make; cut them up and place them in the oven!

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quinoa with toasted almonds and cranberries

Cranberry Almond Quinoakeen on quinoa
The inspired recipe actually came from the back of a package of Nature’s Earthly Choice tricolor quinoa. I’ve  learned not to ignore those recipes, sometimes you find a hidden gem. The first time I made this recipe there were so many things that went wrong that I literally had to throw out the batch. After making it the second time around, with a few tweaks to both the ingredients and the instructions, it came out perfect. This is my modified version and it’s seriously delicious!
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