Foodie Pen Pals: March 2014

The Lean Green Bean

This month’s foodie pen pal was great. If you are unfamiliar with what the program a quick overview of the program entails signing up from a month to month basis, you get set up with someone else (can be another blogger or a reader), you exchange shipping information and any dietary restrictions and then you give and receive a nice box full of goodies! Click on the image above if you want more info. This month my foodie pen pal was Yvette from San Antonio, Texas. My main request for my foodie pen pals is to send me any of their favorite foods or something that is unique or local to where they live… Yvette did not fail to deliver #punintended.MarchFoodiePenpalWhite Corn Tortilla Chips – tortilla chips are my favorite… with salsa, cheese, guacamole and with chili of course!

Clint’s Texas Salsa – what’s better than salsa with your tortilla chips and these are straight from Texas. Haven’t had them yet but I’m excited to try it.

Big Red – Yvette mentioned that you can’t get these outside of Texas so I felt extra special :)

Mexican Wedding Cookies – I seriously couldn’t get enough of these, they were so yummy. They reminded me of snicker doodle cookies, Dave said they reminded him of cinnamon toast crunch… either way they were delicious!

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chewy coco fleur cookies

chewy coco fleur cookies beware of falling coconuts
For some reason I was in the mood for something with coconut. The fact that I started to google “coconut cookies” probably didn’t help either. This my version of the coco fleur cookies. Usually they are crisp and crunchy but these are nice and chewy so if you prefer that this would be a good recipe to try. I didn’t add any protein to the recipe; I usually would add protein to my baked goods but in all honesty I just completely forgot, but I’m sure it would be good addition if its something you wanted to add.

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