cranberry apple quinoa bites

cranberry apple quinoa bites versatility is the name of the game
I’ve started to really love quinoa, it’s just so versatile. I may be behind the curve here but I just recently had breakfast quinoa for the first time and it was so delicious. It’s basically eating it like oatmeal; add milk, protein powder (I always add protein powder to my oatmeal) and any other fixings you want and microwave it for a few minutes. There’s also so many other things you can do with it; have it on the side, add it to your salad, make quinoa patties, or even have it for breakfast… and that’s exactly what I did!
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cranberry sauce with chopped walnuts

cranberry sauce with walnutlet’s get saucy
Since thanksgiving is just around the corner {exactly 9 days!} I was craving a thanksgiving-inspired sandwich. I need to cover the basics – turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Since I was going to make this into a sandwich I decided to forgo the stuffing {who needs the extra carbs anyways!}. I got some turkey thighs and threw that into my crockpot, and then looked up a recipe for a homemade cranberry sauce. There were two recipes that intrigued me, this one is the combination of the two.

After drafting this post I realized I must be on a cranberry kick because this is my third recipe (the first being the pumpkin doughnut and the second one being the quinoa) that incorporates them – I’ll blame it on the time of the year. And, as if I needed another fall ingredient to fiend on, I also got a few pumpkin recipes coming soon.

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quinoa with toasted almonds and cranberries

Cranberry Almond Quinoakeen on quinoa
The inspired recipe actually came from the back of a package of Nature’s Earthly Choice tricolor quinoa. I’ve  learned not to ignore those recipes, sometimes you find a hidden gem. The first time I made this recipe there were so many things that went wrong that I literally had to throw out the batch. After making it the second time around, with a few tweaks to both the ingredients and the instructions, it came out perfect. This is my modified version and it’s seriously delicious!
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pumpkin doughnut with pecan cranberry glaze

pumpkin doughnut pumpkin fever
I absolutely LOVE pumpkin… seriously if anything has pumpkin (or squash or sweet potato) it’s like my mouth immediately starts to salivate. And since it’s that time of year there’s an abundance of pumpkin flavored everything and I love it!

With this recipe I would normally use a 9×13 pan and cut them into squares but I recently bought a doughnut pan and decided I wanted to break it in. The recipe came out absolutely amazing and the doughnut came out nice and moist. I added walnuts to the batter, it gave it a nice crunch… this with the extra nuttiness of the pecan butter and the sweet/tartness of the dried cranberries it was like I had a little bit of heaven in my mouth!

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