you’re one workout away from a good mood

Week 1 Resultsone down, eleven to go
In my initial post I mentioned that I will be following Nike’s training plan. So here is the first week’s plan and results. All of the runs so far have been indoors and since I want the Nike+ Running app to track my runs I have to hold the phone in my hands in order for it to track and record my speed/distance. This is super annoying and I can’t believe Nike hasn’t made it compatible with their shoe sensor. I’ve looked into it and you can only use the shoe sensor with the Nike+ iPod app… if someone knows something I don’t please let me know! In the meantime, come on Nike, get with the program!

warm up
Week 1 is designed as the “warm up” week and the fact that I didn’t have to run more than 4 miles was nice. I actually surprised myself in being able to keep a steady pace throughout the length of the runs with minimal walking. In fact, on the first day I completed the 3 miles without stopping, not even once… holy. cow. boy was that tough. For all you running snobs don’t roll your eyes at me, I’m no runner. In fact, the day that I completed 4 miles the Nike+ Running app congratulated me for the longest run yet and although the app only has a history of runs going back to a of couple weeks Kenne reminded me that it was, in fact pretty accurate. Running is not exactly my choice of exercise so now that I think about it, she was totally right, that was my longest run. I just need to take it one day at a time; a half marathon sounds daunting but all I can do is stick to the plan… so far so good.

crossfit noob
Since this is a fitness post I figured I’ll squeeze this in. On Saturday I went to a crossfit class at Reebok Crossfit Back Bay which was sponsored by City Sports and therefore, completely free :). And since I like free stuff and I’ve been meaning to try it, I jumped on it like white on rice. Just like a lot of other aspects of my life, I’m probably behind the curve here but this was my first time (I know crossfit has been all the rave recently). Although the class is 1 hour long the intense workout portion is probably 15-20 minutes. Since the class was free it was probably intended to provide a lot more instruction and overview of what cross fit is about so it may have been structured differently (not sure but I can only speak to my experience). I got to the class a few minutes late but I tried to integrate myself as quickly as I could. I was completely flustered, lost and confused but I was able to hide it or at least I think I did. After some warm up exercises, the next 20 minutes or so were filled with instructions of the different exercises on proper form followed by the workout of the day (i.e. WOD) and ended with a little overview of why they love crossfit and why I should too. It wasn’t bad but I would still like straight up body building :).

It was a good day overall, after crossfit I went to the gym with Dave and smashed my 4 mile run to finish up the first week of this half marathon training, 11 weeks to go.

almost show time

I thought it would be good to recap my activities leading up to tomorrow’s show; I had quite a few things going on. Work was relatively chill this week, I had a few things I had to get done but overall stress free; I took Thursday and Friday (today) off from work so I can run my errands for the show. Last Sunday, I did a photo shoot, I had a mid-term on Monday (I think it went well), I went to my BodPod appointment on Thursday, and got my tanning done today.

because the glass really is half full
After months of training, I think it’s safe to say that I’m currently in “the best shape of my life” {apologies for the cliché} soooo I decided to do a fitness inspired photo shoot to celebrate it {you know, just in case I need proof}. I really just wanted to do it to serve as a point-in-reference of this time in my life. I have a lot of positive things going on; I’m healthy, I have a great support system with my friends and family, I have an amazing boyfriend and things are smooth sailing for both work and school (getting my MBA). I have nothing to complain about – the glass really is half full.

I decided to do my shoot with Katie from kdPhotographyBoston; she was great! We first took some shoots at a yoga studio and then went to the nearby shore line for some outside shots. It was beautiful out and I wasn’t really planning on incorporating the outdoors into my shoot but I’m glad we did (Katie suggested it). Below are some sneak peaks that she posted on her Facebook page, I’m excited to see how the rest come out.

View Photo Shoot

when is enough enough?
So just a little background information on my training: I have a 3 day split for strength training and I do HIIT (high intensity interval training) 6 times a week so that pretty much means I go to the gym six times a week {I’m so good at math – Dave would be proud}. This also means I’m a gym “regular” {that sounds… weird}, needless to say, the gym staff know me. Last week as I was entering the gym one of the trainers stops me and asks me how much longer will I be doing this for {ummm, excuse me?}, he proceeds to tell me that I’ve been doing a good job at losing weight and getting toned {oh, well thank you} but, and I quote, “when is enough enough?” {huh?}. At this point all I could do was laugh, what do I say to that? I mentioned that I was training for something (although I never specified) and yes, it does require me to train 6 times a week so chances are you’ve seen me a lot. The conversation continues for a little bit longer, he even offered to give me information about becoming a trainer {no, thank you}. At this point, all I wanted to do was end the conversation so I could get my pump on. After a couple of days, I find myself still being annoyed at his comment. Even after this competition I plan to continue to train; when I decided to prioritize fitness into my life I did it for me, the decision to compete was only after I incorporated healthy eating habits and committed myself to the gym.

i’m ready
As I sit here with my icky {and very dark} tan I reflect on the journey that has brought me here. One of things that surprised me the most about embarking in this process is the level of commitment I gave it. Let me tell you that by no means was this easy. In retrospect, the hard part was not the 6x a week workouts, it was  everything else… it was hard to say no to free drinks and yummy sliders at work related networking events and skipping on beautifully seasoned steak with baked sweet potatoes at Dave’s family dinner {I demand a re-do!} – it was these tough times that truly tested my commitment. I also abstained from alcohol {this really isn’t as hard as you think} – in fact I still have a bottle of wine that I bought from my trip to Spain back in March! Getting back on a balanced healthy eating routine is what I’m most looking forward to. That excitement manifested itself in the creation of this blog – I have so many ideas and recipes I want to try that I wanted a venue in which to share. Back to the topic at hand, everything is packed: teeny weeny bikini check, stripper heels check, obnoxious rhinestone jewelry check, fatty treats [#icantwait #youshouldbejelly #getinmybelly] check, happiness and excitement… umm ok, yes… check. Ok, looks like I’m ready.