sweet potato turkey chili

sweet potato chilii’m a little chili
Chili is one of my favorite foods. It’s been a while since I’ve made this so I decided to add this to the menu for my Mexican date night with Dave. For this one I incorporated sweet potatoes and it was also extra spicy. Dave said this was possibly the best batch I’ve ever made but I personally would’ve preferred less spiciness although it was pretty delicious. I made this one on the crockpot and had it stewing for a good 6 hours… the smell of chili all day long was a bit torturous though.

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baked and stuffed acorn squash

baked and stuffed acorn squashwinter squash lovin’
Acorn squash is a cute little winter squash that is perfect to stuff with just about anything. They are good for roasting, baking, steaming, and sautéing but can also be microwaved. I had this little guy on my counter top for a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure I used it before it went bad. One thing I hate to do is waste food (it happens more often than I’d like). But this was the perfect amount, each half was a serving; I had one for lunch and then mashed the other half and had it for dinner.

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