chocolate chip oat cookie bake

oatcookiebakei made you a cookie, but I ate it
Since I’ve started to travel for work I haven’t been in my kitchen much. My awesome routine where everything had it’s place and time including work, school, gym and keeping up with tastearoo got discombobulated. I’m still trying to figure out my new routine so please bare with me. On Fridays I’m home and today I felt like baking something. I made this little treat and it didn’t take long at all, I added some protein powder to compensate for the carbs from the oats and the chocolate chips but feel free to leave it out if you’ll like. Also, it was a good excuse to use my cast iron dish :)
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easy crock pot oatmeal: apple cinnamon

crockpot oatmeal overnight oats?
This week I decided to try making oatmeal in the crock pot and I’m so glad I did. This week has been a bit tough, currently dealing with a few personal matters so having oatmeal already cooked has made breakfast these last couple of days a breeze. I set the crock pot right before going to sleep and it was nicely cooked by the time I woke up… I guess you can call it overnight oats? ;) If you are feeding a family you’ll have to add some milk to moisten it up since the cooking process will soak up a lot of the liquid. If you’re making it for the week (which is what I did), it will keep in the fridge pretty nicely, again it will be dry up so you’ll need to add milk and water when reheating. Make sure to add other fixings as well (nuts, seeds, dried fruit… peanut butter!)
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2 super easy ways to make a valentine’s day inspired meal

valentine's day oatshappy valentine’s day!
It’s the day of love. Yes, the day where flowers are over priced and chocolates sell by the boxes. Personally I don’t like getting flowers on days like this because, well, it’s the “easy” thing to do and I’ll pass on the carb-centric, heart-shaped chocolates. But I’m not high maintenance either, a simple dinner would do just fine. So, wanna know how to make a valentine’s day inspired meal? simple:
1. use heart shapes
2. use the color red

Looks like I just nailed it with my oats :). Perhaps I’m being a little facetious but if you want a real and useful list head on over to Heather’s post from Better With Veggies, 14 ways to say I love you. There’s also one more way, the 15th way is via a blog post for the world to see. On that note… baby, I love you!

egg over oats

egg over oats oatmeal bake eggsplosion
This was a result of another one of my crazy ideas. For some reason I wanted eggs over my oats and I knew that if this was going to taste somewhat good I needed to make the oats “savory” instead of sweet. I didn’t do anything fancy with the oats just a little bit of salt and pepper with Mrs. Dash and cooked it in the oven as an oatmeal bake. It’s a good option if you are looking for something different in the morning.

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piña colada flooded oatmeal bake

pina colada flooded oatmeal bakeno booze necessary
Usually what I eat for breakfast doesn’t vary much but I do try to think of different ways to make the same things. I especially love oatmeal because it’s a nice base to incorporate just about any kind of flavors you may be in the mood for. I wouldn’t usually buy pineapple but my roommate had some in the fridge so I took just one little ring (she definitely noticed). But that’s all you need to make this delicious cocktail-inspired oatmeal bake.
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