chocolate pb swirled protein bar

chocolate pb protein barbro, do you even protein bar?
The only kind of protein bars I like are Quest Bars and the ones I make {obviously}. I haven’t made protein bars in a while but this time I was inspired {fyi, these won’t crumble :) }.
These are the five reasons why you should try this recipe:
– its protein packed
– it’s easy to make
– it has chocolate
– it has peanut butter
– and it’s delicious, trust me.

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chocolate peanut butter trifle

chocolate peanut butter trifle layered things
[Forewarning] This is NOT a “clean” recipe. I’m sure you know that I just recently competed in my first bikini competition. The one thing you look forward to is being able to indulge in naughty foods post-competition. Therefore, I wanted to post the trifle I made just for this. I’m hesitant to call this a “recipe” since it’s really just a matter of layering a bunch of yummy things.

Trifles are by far one of my favorite desserts. In fact, I love any kind of layered dessert. There’s something about having a mouthful of deliciousness that incorporates different flavors and textures that I absolutely love!

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