keep calm and stay positive

Week 6 Results six down, six to go
We are at the half way mark! This week was so much better. After feeling completely deflated and losing hope last week things started to turn around! I made an appointment with a podiatrist who told me it’s either tendonitis or small tear which makes sense since it’s it’s very isolated to a specific spot on my foot. It’s only painful when my foot is enclosed (i.e.wearing shoes) as oppose to wearing flats or being barefoot. He gave me adhesive felt padding to put on either side of the tendon to alleviate the pressure from the shoes. This was my saving grace! That same day after having just left my appointment I went on a run. That was on Tuesday and per plan I was supposed to do 7 miles but ran 4.5 miles instead and I would’ve done more if it wasn’t because it was getting dark :). My doctor said that it seems minor so if the padding works (which it does) then it shouldn’t stop me from training… so it’s game on!
speed sharpening
Week 6 is designed as the “speed sharpening” week. I ran a total of 20.61 miles and my average pace was 9:40. My longest run this week was 9.04 miles. After my long run this week my left calves and knee was hurting a bit so I’ll have to make sure to stretch and keep an eye on it. I’m just glad to know that I’ll be able to finish what I started so I’m trying to keep a comfortable, steady pace to keep up on my endurance. So let’s just say there was no “speed sharpening” this week but I’m just glad to be back on track.
life savers   late night run

caution: injured runner. may bite!

Week 4 Resultsfour down, eight to go
This past week was a bit tough. On Sunday I decided to workout my legs and my goodness I was sore practically the entire week. I want to continue to strength train while I train for this half marathon but I may need to slow down on leg days, being sore doesn’t make running any easier. I’m still able to get through the runs but its a bit uncomfortable. So that was the least of my problems this week, I was experiencing an uncomfortable and sometimes sharp pain above my big toe of my right foot during my runs. It is a bit uncomfortable at first but gets progressively painful. The pain is along the tendon of the big toe and is sensitive to the touch but doesn’t really hurt unless I wear my sneakers. Kenne mentioned the possibility of it being a “hot spot”, she directed me to an article from Runner’s World on changing your shoe lace to help it heal. I tried doing this but I don’t think that’s the source of my problem especially since I think the “hot spot” is in reference to the start of a blister. Dave suggested it could be from a bunion so I got a bunion splint but I don’t know how much that’s helping either.

This was my lame attempt at lacing my shoes to help it, I later found out that where it actually hurts is further down my foot, not the top of the foot like I first thought. Short of taking a picture of my own feet (which I’m sure no one wants to see) I found this picture that pin points just about where the pain is coming from. Ugh! I don’t know what to do!!
pain spot     shoe lacing
Image Source: Yoga International

build strength
Week 4 is designed as the “build strength” week. I ran a total of 20.75 miles and my average pace was 9:03. My longest run this week was 5.46 miles. As you can I see I wasn’t able to complete the 8 miles that was supposed to be my long run; this was due to the pain on my foot. I wasn’t able to run on Saturday but instead tried my luck on Sunday to make up for it. I tried to run as much as I could but around the 5 mile mark I was practically limping, “this is ridiculous” I thought and figured I would be better of not making it worse. So now I have no idea what to do next, continue to train and hope it gets better? should I give it a few days and see what happens? get evaluated by my doctor? I’ll figure it out this week but so much for building strength…