cheesecake pudding stuffed french toast

stuffed french toastyou are the french to my toast
French toast is seriously one of my favorite breakfast foods. Speaking of which, have you had a chance to check out D.A.T. Chef’s layered french toast post?  His post reminded me that its been a while since I’ve had it so I decided to make some! This came out so delicious; I love it when I make something and immediately I’m like “why go to a restaurant when I can make something this good at home?”. After eating this, those were my thoughts exactly… and I also get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what went into it.
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dark chocolate protein pancake with strawberry jam

chocolate protein pancakenational pancake day?
When it comes to those delicious staple breakfast foods pancakes always fall to the bottom of my list. I like pancakes, I really do but if I had a choice I would prefer french toast instead, then perhaps some waffles and only then would I consider pancakes and that’s only if they didn’t have crepes. Well it looks like it’s their lucky day, no really… apparently January 23rd (yesterday) was Pancake Day {who comes up with this stuff?}. In the spirit of it I decided to bump it up the list and get fancy. I was inspired to make this little treat for Protein Pow’s Protein Pancake Day Competition and it was beyond delicious. Perhaps I should give them more of my attention but the better question is, when is french toast day?
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