waffle breakfast sandwich

waffle breakfast sandwich dunkin donuts’ got nothing on me
I’m currently tracking all my foods so I often figure out what I’m having for breakfast the night before. On this day I knew I wanted waffles but I wanted to change things up. Dunkin Donut’s waffle breakfast sandwich came to mind and inspired me to give it a try. I haven’t tried Dunkin’s version but what a novel idea. It came out really good and I can’t imagine it being better than this. Switch up your breakfast and give this a try!
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why are there avocados in your waffles?

egg waffle… it’s an egg waffle!
Can’t decide between an omelet or a waffle? try adding your omelet mixture to your waffle iron! One day I randomly thought about what would happen if I added eggs into my waffle maker. At first I thought I will probably just make a huge mess, then I thought, if it does cook it probably won’t rise so it’ll just be half of a waffle and then I thought ‘stop thinking about and just do it!’ {fine. you don’t have to be so mean about it}. So I did and I must say it came out pretty good both esthetically and in my tummy!

I know it looks like it was made with some sort of flour but trust me it’s 100% eggs!

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chocolate chunk quest waffles

chocolate chunk quest wafflequest obsession
Once I discovered quest bars I was immediately obsessed. If you’ve never had them I suggest you give them a try. Not only are they pretty darn delicious on their own but once I discovered you can toast them… game. changer. If it’s not toasted – warm, crispy toasty in the outside and gooey in the inside then I don’t want it [#okimkidding #iwouldeatitanyways #gimmequestbaaaars ]. I decided to get a little frisky with my waffles this morning and added those bad boys to the mix… de.li.cious!

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